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Hi-End Stereo Amplifier McIntosh MA 6600 for sale in Los Angeles, CA buy in US, Free Classifieds Ads

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Hi-End Stereo Amplifier McIntosh MA 6600 3900$ Perfect condition, complete set - double proprietary original box, instruction, original remote control with all functions. The output power is 200 watts per channel for any resistance from 2 to 8 ohms, there is an input for a vinyl turntable with a phono stage corrector for the MM head, as well as two large wattmeters that clearly demonstrate the output power of the amplifier at that particular moment. You can use the amplifier as a separate preamplifier by connecting to its balanced outputs another power amplifier. The proprietary Power Guard technology prevents clipping of the amplifier and distortion of the output signal. Weighs MA6600, as it looks, very impressive - 34.1 kg. At the output of MA6600 autotransformers are installed, which determines good compatibility with acoustic systems with different impedance characteristics, as well as a very comfortable and at the same time accurate and dynamic sound. In addition, the amplifier of the Mcintosh MA6600 is in good agreement with the acoustic cables of various brands, as well as having a long length. Other functional features of the model include precision signaling relays with ruthenium-covered contacts, as well as a volume control based on fiberglass. To protect the output amplifiers from overload, a proprietary protection system is provided, constantly evaluating the modes of their operation, and not affecting the audio signal. The device is equipped with five unbalanced line inputs, one balanced input, and also an input for the MM-pickup of the turntable player. There is a direct input of the power amplifier, two adjustable outputs with preamble, and one output for connecting the recorder. The Mcintosh MA6600 has an output to the headphones, and to connect speakers with different impedances (8.4 or 2 Ohms) are designed individual gold-plated screw jacks. There are also connectors for controlling the activation of additional devices, and for connecting an external IR sensor. Type integrated stereo amplifier Output power 2 x 200 W The frequency range is 10 Hz to 100 kHz (-3 dB) Balanced inputs, 5 unbalanced, for MM-pickup, Power Amp, Remote In Outputs 2 unbalanced adjustable, for recording, for headphones, Power Control Coefficient of damping more than 40 Signal to noise ratio over 92 dB Total harmonic distortion 0.005% Overload capacity 2 dB Dimensions (W x H x D) 445 x 194 x 559 mm Weight 34.1 kg - Free Classified Ads in US on Craigslist